Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pictures from the last year

So I didn't have my pictures downloaded onto my laptop until now. Here are some good pictures from the last year of all the fun stuff we did.
Dinner at Joe's crab shack. Yummy!
 The dredge at Sumpter Oregon.
 Josie had a thing that whole trip she kept catching butterflies.
 Kim's wedding. :)
 The pumpkin patch.
 Maze at pumpkin patch.
 More pumpkin patch.
 And more.
Here is midnight, one of our horses.
This is Buttercup, our mare who is about to have a baby.
We also have her Philly Ginger. I didn't have a good picture. She looks just like her Mom.
 Our new addition Cookie.
 Baby chicks
 Caleb's baptism and birthday season for everyone.
Yellow belt in Kung Fu.
Super fun year! There are a couple more but my blog won't let me post any more pictures on this post so oh well. :)

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singing/granny said...

I had fun looking at all of your pictures! Love you all!!!! Mom