Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Post for the day.

Hey everyone. I have decided again to try to post more often than once a month so here goes. Today I woke up tired because Hunter (I am going to start using their real names It's too confusing to use numbers with so many) who is #5 has decided that he is scared of everything especially his room at night. He has been waking up all night whenever he realizes I'm not still there. I think I am going to switch around the boys and their rooms so he will be sharing. That might help him to know that someone else is there. It will probably take longer to get him to sleep but at least I won't be waking up as often I hope. I'm crossing my fingers.
We are going to start painting the house inside. The people who painted it before we moved in used flat paint. With six boys flat paint doesn't work. I am excited because we are going to paint lots of colors like pale yellow for the kitchen and sage green for the starwell and light blue for our room. I think we are also going to paint the ceiling white which will help lighten things up here. This house although beautiful and prefectly laid out is kind of dark. maybe thats just because it's winter but I think lighter paint will help.
I think I'm going to switch what I am studying. Although I think I would like teaching and I think I would be pretty good at it it just doesn't feel right. My sister talked about being a phlobotemist and I think I would like nursing so I'm going to look into it. I already have all my general studies done so I don't think it would take me too long. I'll let you know. I may change my mind again. That's just how I roll yo!
Well that's all for now. Have a happy day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am so excited!

We bought a huge crazy mormon van last night. We traded in our Tahoe and got the van plus $2,000. It is a 2000 chevy something 3500. It is great!. It is dark blue and has 12 seats. I am excited we will have enough seats for everyone with 2 to spare.
We are moving right along with the adoption. We still are not sure when we will be able to go get the girls but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All our paperwork on our side is done except we will have to be fingerprinted one more time each for USCIS. They are supposed to contact us with details for that. The paperwork for court is all there minus one paper that should be there by Fri. via Fedex this time so it will actually get there. Don't ever send anything to Ghana US mail. It takes forever.
I am still in school but I think I might take a break after this semester just to make sure everyone is adjusting to the big changes. Everyone seems to be doing well. We had strep last week and when I say we I mean every one of us all tested positive in one day. 6 doctor visits and 6 bottles of antibiotic later we are all on the mend.
Here are recent pictures of the girls. Josephine looks really happy.