Monday, August 5, 2013

Church... Try it you may like it.

    So my little sister came to church with my family yesterday. It was so nice to have her there. She brought her kids which helped my kids be good during sacrament meeting. It is the first meeting and it is for the whole family. I lead the music and Randy sits in front so I leave my kids usually with a younger girl who sits with us. Having Liz there was so much easier. I hope she comes every week!
     I am not much for talking about religion because it is such a personal thing but I should at least let you all know that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a Mormon and I love it! It has helped me in ways I can't even express. Speaking of which Randy gave me a blessing last night because I have been needing some guidance about what I am doing with my life. It was awesome. I feel better and I feel like I now know exactly what I should be focusing on. Believe me with eight kids focus is essential  or nothing gets done.
     If you are saying to yourself, "what is she talking about?" just go to it is the best source of information that comes from members themselves. I don't like learning about something from someone who is a former member or someone who has never been to my church. It usually is a bit jaded because of hurt feelings or other misconceptions. I like to go to the source.
   Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pictures from the last year

So I didn't have my pictures downloaded onto my laptop until now. Here are some good pictures from the last year of all the fun stuff we did.
Dinner at Joe's crab shack. Yummy!
 The dredge at Sumpter Oregon.
 Josie had a thing that whole trip she kept catching butterflies.
 Kim's wedding. :)
 The pumpkin patch.
 Maze at pumpkin patch.
 More pumpkin patch.
 And more.
Here is midnight, one of our horses.
This is Buttercup, our mare who is about to have a baby.
We also have her Philly Ginger. I didn't have a good picture. She looks just like her Mom.
 Our new addition Cookie.
 Baby chicks
 Caleb's baptism and birthday season for everyone.
Yellow belt in Kung Fu.
Super fun year! There are a couple more but my blog won't let me post any more pictures on this post so oh well. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wow a year goes by so fast

I can't believe a year has gone by! I usually blog once a month but I have been crazy busy. I'm always busy I know but I have been even more crazy busy if you can believe it.

We are still in Wilder Idaho which we love and it has been nice to be out in the middle of no where again. We bought horses and chickens and another dog so that is lots of new fun stuff to do. We have been fighting with the weeds again because that is what you do in the country. In the suburbs you fight with your neighbors and in the country you fight with mother nature. I also started back in school. I am studying International relations with an emphasis in African cultures which is what I wanted to study in the first place so I'm doing that now. It's so much fun to learn about stuff I actually care about. It is a huge contributing factor in my busy life though.

Everyone is doing well. All the kids keep getting older even though I strictly forbid it at home. (They do it at school when I'm not looking)

 Ricky is living in Boise with his sweet fiance' Brooke. They are blissfully happy. We are so glad. They plan to marry next summer or whenever anyone has enough money. :)

 Jacob just turned 12 and is now passing the sacrament. Weird that he is so big. He is going on a week long leadership training camp in Washington DC next month by himself on a plane and everything. He is terrified and so am I but he will love it and I will get over the fact that he is growing up too fast. He also loves the kung-fu class he, Nic, Caleb, and Randy have been taking. They all love it.

Josie is so helpful and sweet. She is always looking for ways to be given more responsibility. She can't wait to get older. I remember those days. She wants to start dancing which I am really excited about. I just need to find a dance company that is good and not too far away. Unfortunately I'm picky because I have cousins who are professional ballet dancers so I know what dancing should be. She is still young though so maybe I can compromise.

Nicholas is as sweet as ever and loves to do cartoons. He is really good at it. He is having a little bit of a lesson in hard knocks this year with school but he will figure it out. Assignments are not optional for a good grade. You have to actually turn them in. He is usually pretty jovial but he takes Karate seriously.

Caleb is very compassionate and always concerned with others. He is also a good friend to our neighbor and they love to jump on the tramp and play war or something like it. He just switched rooms and now gets to be with the big boys. He is so excited. He thinks they are like rock stars. So cute. He also loves Karate and he gets to be in the Adult class.

Hunter continues to be a lot of fun to watch grow up. He is so curious and always asking questions about why the world is the way it is. He feels very passionately that things should be a certain way and lets us all know when we are not living the way he thinks we should. Any time life isn't fair or just he has a very hard time coping. I think it is because this life isn't fair but maybe the one in heaven was. I remember my Aunt saying life isn't fair to me at about the age of eight and I was shocked. I thought well it should be. Ha

Matthew and Naia are the best of buds. They really are twins. They do everything together and love to spend time playing together. I'm so glad we have the girls. They fit so perfectly into our family. I didn't even know there were holes but Heavenly Father did. So glad I listened. Matthew is so cute it's really hard to punish him. He has a way of making our hearts melt and we just start to laugh. It's terrible the things he gets away with. Naia has a very infectious laugh. Anytime she starts to laugh we can't help but join in.

Well enough gushing about my perfect children:) I really do have it good. I'll just gush about my perfect husband. :)

Randy is loving his job at Zion's bank here. He is also loving Karate with the kids (although I think he wishes it was a little cheaper to take them all). We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last week. Wow! Lucky 13. He is awesome. He likes being in the bishopric but I think he has a different opinion about those leadership callings now than he did before. He is busy.

Overall we are good. We are loving life as always and are living it to it's fullest as much as we can.