Monday, February 21, 2011

OK I'm posting :)

I finally have a minute to post. I know it's been a month again but maybe I just only have five minutes once a month. :P Just kidding!
I just spent a very fun filled weekend with my sister Kim and my childhood best buddy Anna. We had a great time. I miss them and their kids. I got to see how this house feels with a few more kids and it was great (aside from the fighting) All the kids had so much fun. I think all five kids had a kid that was about the same age to hang out with so they had fun.
Well what has happened in a month? We are going to Ghana for our second trip on march 14th. Russell and Shirley are coming to watch the kids. I'm so glad they are able to do that. It makes this process so much less stressful. We just found out that while we are there the girls get to stay with us at the hotel. We get to stay near their village which is in the Kwahu Mountain region. It looks like it's about 3-4 hours from the airport. I'm so excited that we will get to spend the whole time with them. I can't wait. This is an extra trip that we just found out about. The law in Ghana has changed and we have to be there in person to file the passport application. Once that gets done we will have to go home and wait another two months until we can go back and bring them home.
We started painting. We are only doing a room at a time. We have done the Master bedroom and bathroom. I love the new colors. I especially love the white ceilings. I felt like the brown on the ceiling made everything look really dark. I don't do well with dark. I can't wait to do more rooms and then decorate the girl's room. Yeah! I am definitely painting it pink and putting flowers on the walls.
The boys are doing great. I have decided to stick with teaching for now. The hours are better and Nursing school takes a lot of time away from home and it costs a lot more money. So teaching it is. I've been finding out about a lot of non profit organizations that help volunteer in other countries with teaching. I think that would be amazing.
Well I'll try again posting more often. We'll see if I get any better at it. ;)