Thursday, June 18, 2009

Suprise suprise! Guess what happened the night we moved in? Any guesses? Come on. OK I'll tell you. Cleo had puppies. Aren't they cute? Still haven't unpacked because I have tonsilitus. Yeah so just to catch everyone up. Puppies the night we move in and tonsilitus. My life truely was ment to be lived by more than one person.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fat Cats and more Fun!

We all went to Fat Cats in Ogden for some glow in the dark minature golf. So fun! It's a pirate theme which the boys loved. Lot's of skeletons and swords! What could be better?

We pretended to play a few games too.We also went to the Oquirhh temple open house. It was so neat to see. It is such a beautiful building. My kids were facinated by being able to see every room. They especially loved the baptisimal font.
This is #1 man's new location. It is the coolest old building. The upstairs used to be used as a theatre. The wallpaper is from 1900 and is a red velvet stripe. So awesome!!

We also went out and ran in the rain.

Running in the rain makes you feel alive! Try it you'll see.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time for an update

One week to go here in the appartment. I am so excited to get my hands on that house. It needs some serious cleaning.

Here are some photos of what we do to keep busy around here.

We take luxurious baths, so relaxing...
We get plenty of excercise...

And of course we combat the forces of evil!!! What else would we do?

Doesn't that picture look like we're squatters. So sad. Oh Well one more week.

We are all happy and healthy. #1 Man is loving being a manager again. He really missed it. His branch is in a really cool old building. I'll have to take pictures of it. His office is nice. It's a little bare. He needs to put up some pictures and trinkets and stuff. Maybe some plants would help. I am doing school online and I've already passed three pre-assessments which means I get credits for doing nothing but taking tests. It's great with my crazy schedule. I think we have explored most of the parks but I'm sure there are still some we don't know about yet. Our ward is nice. It has a good mix of all ages which is always better I think.

Well I hope everyone is doing well. Please leave a comment so I can feel like I've talked to you. See you soon.