Monday, October 6, 2008

Flag Football!

Aren't they cute? I love flag football because they don't get hurt. In a couple of years they will probably want to play with full pads. YIKES! They haven't won a game but they have so much fun.

So we are moving the week after next into our rental house. I'm excited because it's a lot cheaper than the house we're in now and it's next door. I can just grab some stuff and walk it over there. No truck no packing no movers. It's a bit smaller than the place we're in now but it has a family room. The renters for our house came last week and they are so cool! I'm so glad that we are always so blessed to have such awesome renters. They have two little girls so maybe I'll get to have tea parties with them!
I reluctantly taught my older boys to play Monopoly last Sunday because we had some time to kill. Three hours later we were still playing and no one was even winning yet. I could stand it no longer and told them the game was over. We counted up all our money and property and boy #2 won of course! They have been asking me to play again but I think I will wait a while before diving into that endless game again.
Man #1 and his brother decided to say goodbye to an old couch that belonged to their late father. It's been passed around for the past ten years. No one wanted to throw it away because it was sentimental. They have lots of pictures of their dad sitting on this couch and it needed a proper send off. We decided to burn it to honor it and say goodbye yet again. I have never seen anything light up and go so quickly. It was kind of amazing. Well here's to you MD.