Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm home

So I still haven't been able to get the pictures off the phone to poston the blog but I uploaded about half of the videos onto youtube. Just type in juliepuckett into the search bar at the top and they all pop up. They are in the completely wrong order but oh well. It's amazing that I can share my experience at all. Hope all is well with you. Goodnight.

Monday, July 12, 2010


That is a traditional greeting here in Ghana. I can't download pictures or video here due to the lack of internet speed. Just to get this post on here will take awhile. I have been forever changed. I had no idea how bad the conditions here are. I think I will set up a blog specifically for my experience here when I get back to the states. There is too much to tell in a few posts.
We have decided to adopt two girls. The girl in the picture and her little sister. We completely fell in love with them both and their family. There was a little mis communication about her name. She is called Mayvis (Mayvees). Her sister is called Doriti. I should not have been nervous meeting her mother we sat by each other and talked through a translator for a long time. She is a very strong good natured gentle person. She wants her girls to have the opportunity to go to school and get out of the village. There is no good food and water in the villages. Very few have wells. The village where they live is trying to raise funding to build a market where people from all over would come to trade goods. This would ensure that they would have healthier food and money to buy it. They eat mostly palm nuts which don't have many nutrients. They only need about 3,000 US dollars which is about 5,000 cedis to build it. I spent more than 3,700 us dollars just for the plane tickets to get here. The other thing that would help is a well which is another 3,000 dollars. They aren't even trying to get that because they think it is impossible to get 6,000 dollars. I mean we spend 6,000 on our vacations or recreation. All they want is water that is safe to drink. I know I'm starting to sound like a commercial for the peace corp. I just can't believe that this is a reality. In America we don't struggle like they do every day. Even our poor don't struggle like they do.
Well I'll get off my soap box now. I hope all is well with you and that you have a place to sleep and food to eat tonight.