Monday, February 27, 2012

Crazy moments in mothering!

Here is a crazy video. Enjoy!
Caleb got stuck!

Don't worry he got unstuck but he had to eat milkshakes for a week!

Birthday Season

In the dead of winter after the holidays when everyone else has nothing to do till spring we are busy with our family holiday season. All our birthdays except 1 are from Jan until April. We have at least two each month. That makes for a lot of cake and tablecloths. Here are a couple pictures of the first Four that have happened in the last month and a half.
Randy's was Jan. 13th I don't know why we have no pictures of his but oh well.
Here is Matthew's Jan 22 
 Naia's Feb. 5
And Josie's Feb. 22
It was so fun to have Josie's party. She had a few friends over and they played pin the tiarra on the princess and drop the hairclips into the jar. We also had a piniata. I love low key birthday parties. Luckily we don't have friend parties for the babies just the kids in school so it's not too crazy yet.

Our next round of birthdays starts next week with Jacob's on the 6th and mine on the 7th. Wow I'm seriously going to gain 10 pounds just from all the cake.