Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bla di bla

Life is good. I'm starting to feel settled in our new house. The boys love their school and their teachers. I got called into the primary presidency and #1 man is in the Elders quarum presidency. It's kind of nice to be in a ward where we are needed again. It's funny though, because most people around here are new families just starting out there is a lot of welfare need so we have already recieved new coats for the three boys in elementary school. I guess big retail companies donate coats to the kids at school who need them. I didn't sign up for anything so I'm not sure why the boys were given them. I appreciate it but I feel a little guilty because I know there are a lot of kids who might need a new coat more than mine do. Oh well, I'll just donate all the old coats we have.
Here are more pictures of the girls. This lovely lady just adopted two girls. One is the one she is hugging. Our girls are there. Josephine is holding Nadia.
Here they are up close. Josephine looks thinner than she did so I'm a little concerned. We finally got all our stuff done for our homestudy so It should be done in two weeks. We just found out though that our social worker's wife passed away suddenly and two days later his father also passed so I will not be expecting it to be done on time understandably.
I am enjoying or first snow of the year. It has snowed twice in the last two weeks. It's not enough to stick yet but I'm sure that will be happening soon. Hope everything is great with all of you.