Friday, May 9, 2014

Yes we are still here

My camera on my phone isn't great sorry about that. We are now in Oklahoma! That is why I named this blog the moving girl. We are at it again. We are here to go to OU. I am finishing a degree in Radiation therapy. I really love my medical classes. Randy is planning to get a law degree when I finish mine. He has a new job working for Citizen's bank of Edmond. He is loving it. It is a smaller bank so he has a lot more influence on policy which he loves. I just finished my first semester at OU and I have another class starting in Monday. It is a music class so I am pretty excited. The kids are all in school which is really weird. Right now I am sitting in a silent house. I hate it!!! I love the sounds of my family. (Good and bad). I will be glad when school is out.
Jacob is doing great at his new school. He says he thinks he is in the cool crowd but he's not sure. Kids (girls) are paying him a lot more attention because he is new and that is cool. :)
Nic says he has made a ton of new friends and they are all exactly like him. He is so cute. He bought an Ipod for his B-day and he has turned into a zombie. I think we may need to hide it once and awhile.
Josie has discovered her passion. She loves to run. She competed in a track meet for the district and got third overall for the 200m. She wasn't even going as fast as she could. She had so much fun. I think I see many track meets in my future. She is excited for summer break.
Caleb is very into minecraft. I keep losing my ipad or phone and mysteriously find it under his pillow. I still don't know how it keeps happening. He assures me he doesn't either. LOL! He is loving scouts and school and has lots of new friends.
Hunter is doing awesome! We are sticking to his new diet. Avoiding all the foods on his allergy list and his behavior is great. We are noticing we are having to retrain his way of thinking. He still has bad days but they are fewer and fewer. He loves school, especially music, and he got to be the red pepper in a school program a few days ago.
Matthew and Naia are two happy twins. They both love school and their assistant teacher Miss Tasha. They run up and give her a big hug every morning. I am so grateful for good teachers that help my kids become independent. It has been so tough letting them be there but I know I need to go to school so I'm glad for the opportunity.
We are still getting used to the storms here. They sometimes keep the kids up and they are the best shows I've seen ever. People here are the friendliest I've ever met. Randy said I have found my people. He is so right. I no longer feel loud or too happy. I love it.