Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey everybody!

Sorry It's been so long again. So what news?
My boys are enrolled in a great charter school for next year and I'm really excited about that. It's called Ogden prepatory acadamy and it is one of the best public schools around. Plus my friend's kids go there so that's a plus.
We got a swamp cooler. It is very cold. Yay!! I NEEDED the air in the house to be cooler and now it is. I'm so glad.
We are working on ripping out the back yard and making it beautiful. Randy is an expert after fixing up so many different houses. I'm sure it will be awesome.
We have the passport for Josephine but not for Nadia yet. We are still waiting for USCIS approval and then we can get visas for the girls and bring them home. Hopefully before the summer is over. Pray for us.
Well sorry for the short update. Hope all is well with you all.+