Monday, June 18, 2012

Settling in

We are starting to come out of the unpacking marathon that has been going on this past month. We really are almost done unpacking thanks to so much help from friends and family. Randy's new job is great. He is traveling a lot more which I don't love but he loves his work which is always a plus.
Here is another great photo from our session with my good friend Eva Barnett. Her website is Check it out. She works anywhere in the Boise area of Idaho. I just love that picture.
The girls are doing great. Josie has started in her journey of becoming a young woman... (girls you know what I mean) It was a very hard day for her. She was totally freaked out. I guess all our talks about what was coming didn't quite get through. She is definately not 8. I'm guessing she is at least 11. We still need to have a dental exam to really know.
I am starting another grand adventure. We are homeschooling all the kids starting in the fall. I have enrolled them in it is an online charter program and it looks like just what we are looking for. My friend Janet is involved with it and it sounds great. I am really excited.
We continue to get the house closer to all cleaned up and usable. There are still quite a few weeds to battle with but I know by the end of summer it won't even look like the same yard.
I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying life. I know I am.  :)

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singing/granny said...

I love when you post!!! And I love you! Mom